Many of these scenarios can be avoided with some careful oversight by a small business applying for a business loan in a timely manner. The best way to avoid calamity is to keep an eye on each job and do proper costing on each job so you know whether you have made a profit or a loss. If you find that you seem to be making a loss on certain types of work then you really have to take a closer look at your estimating / quoting and seeing where the loss is occurring.


Trade businesses comprise a large percentage of the small businesses in Australia; and employ a large number of employees. When a small business like this fails, they not only hurt the owners, they also take employees and trade suppliers down the gurgler with them. If the biggest trade supplier is a National Hardware Supplier, it hurts, but when it is another family owned Hardware store, the flow-on of lost income hurts the whole community. If an employee loses their job, their buying power is also lost to a small community too, and it becomes a downward spiral for the region.